Sarah Mills


Sarah Mills

A great image tells a story, and I love making images tell stories.

There's magic in an image that can make you FEEL things - and I've been fascinated with turning that magic into a science since... as long as I can remember.

I've been painting in Photoshop for a little over a decade, and teaching Photoshop for over two years. I've been interfacing with private and business clients since 2011. I've taken my work across the country to sell at conventions and exhibitions. I've been published a couple times. I've created everything from prop children's book covers, to real children's book covers, to approximately 800 drawings of Pokemon, then turned said 800 drawings into individual stickers. ...For a personal project. (Don't judge me.)

Give me a deadline, I'll give you a deliverable. My wheelhouse is a nomadic conestoga wagon. I'm excited by identifying and finding the exact solution for a client - whether that's building something exactly to spec for a film set, or coming up with an entirely unique visual voice for a project nobody can quite describe.